Summer Oasis History

Summer Oasis (SO) was created by Cedric McDougle (founder/CEO). Summer Oasis (SO) began privately in 2004. For eight years, Cedric cultivated & grew the   concept among his closest friends & associates. It got so big that the open field, at his uncles house, could no longer hold the crowd. 2013 was the last privately held Oasis. It was at that moment, Cedric knew that he wanted to take his concept & make it a professional music festival. And he knew that he had to have one thing....water front property. For two years he searched throughout Mi, trying to find the perfect location. And in 2016, he did!! The inaugural Summer Oasis Music Festival was held in 2016 welcoming world famous DJ's and house music lovers to Historic Paradise Lake in Idlewild MI. Everyone who came, fell in love with the experience.  So what started out as a one night party in 2004, has grown into an international cultural glamping experience. Glapmping ( Glamorous Luxurious Camping ), has been going on among Hollywood's elite for years. But not many people outside of that small society knew about it. Now Glamping is catching fire across the country & Summer Oasis is THE FIRST!! Music festival to bring this concept to the Michigan public.. With every tent trying to outdo the other, the level of pageantry at SO is, to put in a colloquial term, lit!!.  Every tent has its own personality, everyone is encouraged to think outside the box, to push the envelope of creativity & simply have fun decorating your tent space. Every tent has its own themed food & drink to share with everyone in a highly communal fashion. One tent might do martinis, another mojitos and yet another, wine tastings. All this with warm dance music perfectly equalized into the vibe.


Idlewild is historical, meaning an old community. There's nothing fancy about it. It's no frills.  It's like going down south to grandma's house. But just like going home to Grandma's house, the Beautiful Elders of Idlewild, show SOOOO much love to everyone,  you'll feel just like your AT!! Grandma's house. Idlewild is filled with so much history & musical culture of the its Great past, there was no other place we wanted to hold our festival at. We're honoring the past, while help shaping its future with a HOT FUNKY NEW REALITY.  The festival takes place on Paradise lake where at night all of the constellations can be seen and where the sex appeal of the cool vibe will be palpable. Many forego the fancy amenities when they camp. However, based on one's creativity, the Glamping far makes up for lost amenities. So, relax your mind & set your conscious free and channel the Glamper in you. Come & enjoy this unique and musically focused camping experience.